Fall/Winter 2015

Tick Alert!

Almstead has an organic option...


Over 3,000 people in the tri-state area are diagnosed with Lyme Disease every year. Infection rates in our area are among the highest in the country. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends applying pesticides in your yard to control tick populations. When applied properly, tick pesticides (known as acaricides) are extremely effective for tick control.

As an alternative to arcaricides, Almstead offers organic tick control using Cedar Cure™, which uses cedar wood oil to kill and repel ticks. Almstead technicians understand where ticks hide; we use powerful sprays to penetrate leaf litter for effective coverage. We are experts at tick control; in addition to treating your property, your arborist can make recommendations on how to make your yard a less tick-friendly environment.

The life cycle of ticks takes about 2 years to complete. After hatching from the eggs, ticks must eat blood at every stage to survive. The best defense is to repel or kill them before they can find a host. We recommend, at a minimum, a treatment in spring, early summer and fall. However, depending upon your environment and use of the property, it may have to be more frequent.

Also In This Issue:

Almstead Around Town

We were at several events in our region, including: the New York State Arborists Tree Climbing Championship; the Gardner's Party at Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center; the Hawthorne Fall Foliage Festival; and the Paul Smith College Career Fair... (more)

Fall Landscape Prep 101

Fall is a good time to inspect, restore, and prepare your landscape for not only the coming winter but for next spring as well. Follow these tips for a prosperous growing season in 2016... (more)

Fall Fertilization

In fall, the active growth of plants and trees slows down and nutrients taken in from the soil are instead used for health-promoting functions such as root development and disease resistance. It is therefore important, more than ever, for soil to be nutrient-rich and healthy at this time... (more)

Tree Risk Assessment

Inspecting mature trees periodically for hidden decay, structural weaknesses and diseases can extend their lives and mitigate the risk of failure of the tree or its branches. It takes a trained and experienced arborist to inspect a tree, conduct the required testing and interpret the results accurately... (more)

A Day Of Fun

Over 150 employees and their families joined the Almstead family at Five Islands Park in New Rochelle, NY on August 1st for the Company’s annual picnic. It brought together arborists, technicians, office staff and management for a day of fun and celebration... (more)

Almstead Arborist

With over 40 years of experience in the green industry, Michael Marks, a Westchester County native, is an expert on tree and shrub species in our region. Michael joined Almstead in 1995 and celebrated his 20th anniversary with our family this year.... (more)


Trees to Consider

Evergreen Magnolia

Invasive Pests

Emerald Ash Borer

Places to Visit

In NY, NJ & CT

Letter from the CEO


I hope you had a good summer. The favorable weekend weather couldn’t have been better for social events, however trees and shrubs in particular had a dry and challenging summer. Unfortunately it sometimes takes years to realize the full effects of this stress, so creating optimal growing conditions using best management practices is crucial... (more)

When Changing Color in Leaves is a Warning Sign

Fall colors are now in full peak swing in our region. For deciduous trees, leaves changing color in fall is natural. However, premature color change in the leaves of a tree is also a warning sign of stress. When trees accelerate the process of shutting off their leaves for the winter, it is usually in response to some stress such as root disease, drought or soil compaction, to name a few.  There is a long list of other factors that can cause trees and shrubs to stress and decline. Most of the time it is related to a combination of many factors and it is rarely one primary cause.

Your Almstead arborist can determine the source of the problem and suggest recommendations to rectify it before it develops further or results in the loss of the tree or shrub.

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Leaves and needles often lose a detrimental amount of moisture during the winter. Prevent damage to your evergreens with an antidesiccant treatment.



Pruning your Trees in Fall & Winter

Bare trees allow arborists to clearly see the entire branch structure of your trees, making for easier identification of defects and potential hazards.  Let us help with the health, appearance and safety of your trees by pruning them now.



Organic Care

Organically caring for your trees and shrubs isn’t just a fad. It’s a long term,  eco-friendly approach with strong science behind it. To get started, ask your Almstead arborist about organic solutions for your property.



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