Arbor Day Events

April 2017

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Arbor Day activities are important to us. Our arborists look forward to sharing their knowledge and getting their local communities, especially children, interested in tree care and being responsible caretakers of our natural resources. This year, we participated in several events in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Friday, April 21st: 2:00pm (Private Event)

Tree Planting -- New Canaan Nature Center

Arborist Isaac Taylor planted a tree with preschool students at Irwin Park.

New Canaan, Connecticut

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Sunday, April 23rd: 11:00am to 3:00pm. (Public Event)

New Jersey’s Earth Day Fair

Branch Manager, Ryan Duff and arborists, staff and crew from our New Jersey branch were at this popular annual event.

Memorial Park at Van Neste Square

Ridgewood, New Jersey

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Friday, April 28: 1:00pm (Closed Event)

School Presentation on Trees

Arborist Patrick McVey gave a show-and-tell presentation on how trees benefit our environment to a class 1st Grade students and handed out Norway Spruce saplings.

Transfiguration School

Tarrytown, New York

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Friday, April 28th: 1:30 PM

Tree Planting

Gary Norman, Stamford Branch Manager and Michael Almstead, Vice President, joined students, teachers and elected officials, including Mayor of Norwalk, Harry Rilling, for Earth Day celebrations and to plant a tree in front of Brookside Elementary School. Also present was Sprig, "The Treedom Fighter," from the whimsical and popular Treetures characters that are dedicated to carrying the message of tree planting and care to children. Almstead gave away Norway Spruce saplings to all the students at the event.

Brookside Elementary School

Norwalk, CT

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Friday, April 28th: 3:30pm (Closed Event)

Planting Trees at the Treeture Nursery With Girl Scouts

Almstead arborist, Michael Marks, Vice President Michael Almstead and several of the Almstead crew worked with an Eastchester Girl Scouts Troop to plant and transplant trees in the Magic Treeture Forest Nursery. Joining them were Judith Blau, creator of Treeture.

Treeture Nursery

Eastchester, New York

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Saturday, April 29th: 11:00am to 3:00pm (Public Event)

Junior Arborist Station at Wave Hill

Almstead once again sponsored the Junior Arborist at Wave Hill Public Garden. Kids ages five and up could wear tree-climbing harnesses and hardhats, under the supervision of Almstead technicians, and ascend into the canopy of an old sugar maple tree to get a birds-eye view of Wave Hill.

Wave Hill Public Garden & Cultural Center

Bronx, New York

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Saturday, May 27th: 11:00am to 3:00pm (Public Event)

Down On The Farm

Down on the Farm is a yearly community event at Darien Nature Center. It featured events for the entire family, including a junior climbing station sponsored by Almstead.

Darien Nature Center

Darien, Connecticut