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Mulch & Compost

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By transforming organic waste wood and chips into beautiful, environmentally-friendly mulch, we strive to return nature to where it belongs: nature.

We've been producing premium mulch utilizing green recycling practices since the early 1990's. For a product that has as many variables as mulch, it's important to find a supplier you can depend on. At Almstead, we've built our business on being a trustworthy source: starting with the consistent quality of our product.


The Benefits of Almstead Mulch

Produced with 100% all-natural shredded wood

Never contains construction or demolition debris, shipping palettes, railroad ties, pressure treated wood, or other pre-used wood products

Double-hammered for a beautiful texture

Naturally aged and cooked to eliminate pathogens that may otherwise cause great harm to the surrounding landscape

Run through magnets to filter out any metals if present

Available in a variety of colors:

naturally aged brown, organically dyed red, dark brown, and black

Competitive pricing and wholesale discounts

Installation and delivery services available

Mulch Production

& Delivery

As a manufacturer, we also have an abundant supply of mulch readily available to our clients throughout the season. Aside from our naturally aged brown mulch, Almstead mulch comes in a variety of rich colors without sacrificing any of the quality of the original product. We use the highest quality pure organic dyes in order to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of durability as well as aesthetic enhancement.



Almstead’s services go beyond production to delivery as well as installation. We have you covered whether you’re a garden center needing to restock your supply, a landscaper wanting mulch delivered on site, or a business or homeowner looking for full service installation.


Playground Mulch

In addition to our standard mulch, Almstead manufactures playground mulch. We work hard to ensure that this mulch makes an excellent play surface and adheres to high safety standards.

Organic Compost

& Topsoil

The science behind composting is both simple to follow and incredibly complex, with billions of microorganisms hard at work behind the scenes. The natural process of decomposition is as old as plants themselves, and it's practically unavoidable. The microorganisms responsible for breaking down organic materials into smaller and smaller particles are all around us. The act of composting is simply a streamlining of this process.


At Almstead, we build our compost piles in long rows that are shallow enough to allow water to percolate through, but deep enough to create the necessary amount of heat for hot composting. Each row of compost contains a pipe system that moves air into the center of the piles, ensuring that we are producing well aerated, healthy compost that will get the best results for plants in the landscape. The feedstock for Almstead compost  is one hundred percent organic green and agricultural waste.


Benefits of Composting

When compost is incorporated into the soil, microbes continue consuming tiny bits of organic matter and releasing nutrients that plants can use. The improvement to soil structure, in combination with increased beneficial soil biology activity, lead to more sustainable landscapes that require less fertilizer and less irrigation to maintain healthy and strong plants.

Recycling & Wood Grinding Services

Are you looking for a convenient, cost effective way to dispose of your green waste? At Almstead, we offer recycling container drop off and pick up services, as well as on-site grinding and removal using one of the safest, most reliable wood grinders available.


Conveniently dispose of your waste wood with our Komptech grinder. With the ability to grind wood from 1 - 70 inches in diameter, no job is too small or too large for our grinder. The Crambo 6000 is one the safest grinders produced in the world,


We will travel to locations throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts to remove the waste wood directly from your site.


Green Disposal is also Available

Processing of leaves, grass clippings and yard waste is now available through green recycling containers. You can load the containers yourself or opt to have Almstead Nursery handle your removal from start to finish.

Daily Rates and Quantity-Based Rates Available

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